Infrastructure's not sexy? Minimize

In the category that it's just so bad, we have to laugh, comedian John Oliver takes on America's infrastructure problem. 

MBTA celebrates 75 years Minimize

MBTA is celebrating our 75th year advocating for safe, efficient transportation in Maine. Watch this video and learn how we started and about all we do.

Maine’s Top 50 Transportation Challenges

Deficient roads, highways and bridges pose mounting challenges to Maine residents, visitors and businesses. A new report released by the national transportation research organization TRIP, identifies and ranks the state’s top 50 transportation challenges, including critical highway, bridges and other infrastructure projects. Download and read the report: “Maine’s Top 50 Transportation Challenges and the Improvements Needed to Address Them.”

2012 Report Card on Maine’s Infrastructure
In its second “report card,” the Maine Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers gives Maine Roads a “D.” While airports get a “B,” most of the state’s transportation infrastructure is mediocre at best. Read the report .
Transportation: The Case for Investment

We are in the midst of a transportation funding crisis - and we need strong leaders at the Blaine House and in the Maine Legislature to help bring about change.

The MBTA has prepared a four-point policy paper with recommendations for addressing our state's deteriorating transportation infrastructure.  Download it, read it and share it with your local candidates.

2010 MST Projects
June 2010 Proposed Jobs Bond

Download Governor's Jobs Bond

Transportation: Highways, Rails and Ports : $62 Million

ARTBA 2010 Forecast
Maine Development Foundation releases highway investment report
“The Difference is Night and Day: Why investing in highways and bridges is an investment in prosperity.”  For additional copies, contact the MBTA office at 207.622.0526.  Download PDF
Falling Behind: The condition and funding of Maine's roads, highways and bridges

Maine will need an additional $3.3 billion in road and bridge funding over the next 10 years to improve mobility, enhance traffic safety and enhance economic development opportunities. Read about that and other findings in "Falling Behind: The condition and funding of Maine's roads, highways and bridges," an October 2009 report by The Road Information Program (TRIP). 


Stimulus vs. reauthorization
Even with the recent infusion of stimulus funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, Maine and other states face many challenges as we struggle to repair our aging bridges and roads. In fact, most people think that transportation infrastructure made up a major component of the federal stimulus legislation. In fact, only 3% of the spending was for roads and bridges, and less than 7% for all transportation.
In the coming months, the U.S. Congress will be debating the federal transportation funding reauthorization, and the MBTA is working with our congressional leaders to let them know our nation needs to make big changes to rebuild our transportation infrastructure.
We need to:
  • bring the federal fuel tax in line with increased demands on the Highway Trust Fund (the fuel tax has not changed since the 90's)
  • establish a “national transportation vision” that will recognize transportation’s vital role in our economy now and in the long term (50 years or more)
  • establish alternate funding sources (e.g., user fees, alternate fuel taxes and tolls) that will be sufficient to modernize our transportation system
  • develop a more equitable distribution of Highway Trust Fund revenues among the states (Maine currently is a “donor state,” meaning it contributes more to the Highway Trust Fund through fuel taxes than it receives for highway and bridge maintenance and construction)
For more information:
Paying Our Way: A new framework for transportation finance, the February 2009 report of the National Surface Transportation Infrastructure Financing Commission offers specific recommendations for increasing investment in transportation infrastructure while moving the federal government away from its reliance on motor fuel taxes.

Get There America, the advocacy page of the American Automobile Association (AAA) with a “Message to Congress” and other information pertinent to the federal reauthorization

Transportation for Tomorrow: Report of the National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission, a report that calls for a major changes in how we fund and delivery transportation.

Smart Solutions: AASHTO Tackles Transportation’s Future / 2009 Reauthorization Recommendations, a series of reports from the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials on everything from highways and transit to climate change and transportation delivery.

Transportation Makes American Work: Reauthorization Central, the advocacy page of the American Road & Transportation Builders Association.