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MBTA members go 'Extreme'

When the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition design team was preparing to film an episode about building a new home for the Ray-Smith family of Milbridge, Maine, they turned to MBTA member R. F. Jordan & Sons Construction of Ellsworth to help out.

President and owner, Patrick Jordan did not hesitate, especially since the purpose of the project was to assist a local Maine family. For the project, Jordan’s company provided a crew of 12 and the majority of the construction equipment needed on the site. Another MBTA member, Chadwick-BaRoss, loaned additional equipment for the project.

Jordan’s crew worked around the clock for one week in September to help build the new home. They demolished the family’s old home and cleared the site. They also did the foundation work, created a new leachfield and provided all the materials for the job.

Jordan said the tight schedule dictated by the television production team made for some “nerve wracking” moments. “It was rewarding at the end, but I’m not sure we’d do it like that again,” said Jordan.

John Thebarge, general manager of Chadwick-BaRoss’ Bangor and Caribou dealerships, said his company was glad to play a small role in such a giant good deed. “When Patrick told us about his involvement in the project and that there would be machines from Chadwick-BaRoss on site during the show, we were thrilled for them and for the Ray-Smith family,” said Thebarge.

Both R.F. Jordan and Chadwick-BaRoss have a long history of serving communities in Maine. R. F. Jordan was founded by Pat’s dad, Ronnie, more than 35 years ago. Chadwick-BaRoss began its days as the Portland Tractor Company in 1929. The two companies have done business together for more than 15 years.

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