Maine Trails, February - March '09
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President’s Message
Cover Story
Meet the Chairs
Future of excise tax in question
69 going on 70. MBTA nears 70th anniversary
Future leaders encouraged to apply
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President’s Message
120 days – and counting jobs. With both the stimulus and the upcoming reauthorization, it’s about jobs and the economy.
By Gregory A. Dore

Cover Story
Beyond the stimulus. Congress gears up for the transportation reauthorization.
By Douglas Rooks
Maine News
Meet the chairs. Interviews with the new Transportation Committee chairs.
By Maria Fuentes
Future of excise tax in question. Secretary of State certifies citizens’ initiative.
By Kathryn Buxton
Association News
69 going on 70. MBTA nears 70th anniversary.
By Kathryn Buxton
Future leaders encouraged. MBTA announces two new scholarships.
Member News
Rock star. Maine Drilling & Blasting’s Bill Purington.
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