Maine Trails, June - July '09
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President's Message
Cover Story
Questions of transportation
Two sides of the story
Taking on the $3 billion challenge
All in the family
Manzer goes ‘Green’

President’s Message
No way to smooth things over.
Maine faces a bumpy road ahead, if we can’t find a way to finance maintenance.

By Thomas H. Martin, Jr.

Cover Story
To delay or not to delay?
As Congress puts reauthorization on hold, experts worry about the cost of waiting.
By Maria Fuentes

Maine News
Questions of transportation. Transportation Committee members Senator Joseph C. Perry and Representative Charles B. Harlow talk about the stimulus, paving cuts and the state of Maine’s transportation network.
By Maria Fuentes
Two sides of the story. Maine Development Foundation and MBTA release report linking transportation investment with economic development.
Association News
The $3 billion challenge.
MBTA members celebrate achievements and challenges at 70th annual meeting.
By Kathryn Buxton

Member News
All in the family. The Grondin brothers built a construction powerhouse with lots of help from the family.

By Kathryn Buxton

Manzer goes ‘Green.’ Bruce A. Manzer makes inroads with hard work and a cool new paving process.
By Douglas Rooks
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