Maine Trails, December - January '10
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President's Message
Cover Story
Transportation's Top 10
A big footprint
Questions of transportation
Highway Fund still lacking
A good crop
What’s the worst road in Maine?
The Marriner way
President’s Message
What’s important. In tough times and in good, it’s about what we accomplish.
By Thomas A. Martin, Jr.
Cover Story
A fruitful life. MBTA says goodbye to Maine icon Ival R. “Bud” Cianchette.
By Maria Fuentes
Maine News
Transportation’s top 10. Ten stories that shaped Maine transportation in 2009.
By Kathryn Buxton
A big footprint. In four decades, John Dority left his mark on Maine.
By Douglas Rooks
Questions of transportation. Maria Fuentes talks with Transportation Committee members Rep. Richard Cebra (R-Naples) and Rep. George Hogan (D-Old Orchard).
Highway Fund still lacking. Despite budget cuts and efficiencies, paving and reconstruction backlogs will grow.
Association News
A good crop. MBTA and Maine Section ASCE award $15,000 in scholarships.
What’s the worst road in Maine? MBTA launches campaign to raise awareness of poor roads and their impacts.
Member News
The Marriner way. Sixty-plus years and four generations at the Rockport paving firm. By Kathryn Buxton
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