Maine Trails, February - March '11
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Simple lessons
Worst Road Contest
Bridges, bonds...
Hews keeps on trucking
D.O.T. View
President’s Message
Exposing the worst of the worst. “Worst Road in Maine” contest is our chance to raise public awareness of big transportation problem. By Deborah Dunlap Avasthi
Cover Story
‘We must prioritize like never before.’ MBTA’s Maria Fuentes interviews new MaineDOT Commissioner David Bernhardt.
Maine News
Simple lessons. What has been learned from the Highway Simplification Study. By Kathryn Buxton
MaineDOT suspends Gateway 1 effort.Multi-year planning initiative suspended.
Association News
MBTA launches ‘Worst Road in Maine’ search. Fuentes predicts strong turnout for 2nd annual contest.
Bridges, bonds and what’s good for Maine business. MBTA co-sponsors legislative briefing.
Member News
Hews keeps on trucking. By being nimble and creative, Hews Company has thrived. By Kathryn Buxton
Guest Columns

D.O.T. View: Prioritizing: Customer service levels. Improving transportation decision-making. By Ken Sweeney, P.E.

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