Maine Trails, June-July '11
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President's Message
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What’s on their minds
Confidence builder
Message from the top
Two for the roads
Homeport improvements
Digging in
Technology in the field
The Matrix
President’s Message
Sometimes less IS less.
When transportation investment stretches this far, something is bound to break. By Randy Mace
Cover Story
Doing less for now.
With $230 million less in capital transportation invest-ments, policymakers look to next session.
Maine News
What’s on their minds.
Talking about transportation with Representatives Ed Mazurek and Peter Rioux. By Maria Fuentes
Confidence builder.
Maine Northern’s Ian Simpson has plans for Aroostook rail line. By Kathryn Buxton
Association News
Message from the top.
Governor LePage speaks at MBTA annual meeting.
Two for the roads.
MaineDOT commissioner and Maine Turnpike executive director headline MBTA panel.
Homeport improvements.
Port of Eastport’s Gardner speaks at Downeast meeting.
Member News
Digging in.
ETTI’s ‘trenchless’ construction creates niche in New England.
Guest Columns
Technology in the field.
The right technology can increase efficiency and keep a job going well. By Steve Washburn
The Matrix.
Prioritizing like never before. By David Bernhardt, P.E.


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