Maine Trails, August - September '12
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President’s Message
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Up in the air
Caribou Connector
Nova Scotia commits
Roads + Rail
Tee Totals
Pit bosses
Point A to Point B
President’s Message
Voting for better roads. On November 6, voters will decide the fate of a $51.5 million transportation bond. By Doug Hermann.
Cover Story
Dissecting Question #4. Leaders on the importance of a YES vote on the transportation bond. By Maria Fuentes.
Maine News
Up in the air. An interview with new Bangor International Director, Tony Caruso. By Maria Fuentes.
Connecting with the Caribou Connector. Long-awaited bypass completed in Aroostook County.
A new Scotia ferry? Provincial government pledges support for Maine-Nova Scotia service.
Association News
Roads + rail. Commissioner Bernhardt addresses MBTA Aroostook Meeting.
Tee totals. Members raise $23,000 for MBTA Infrastructure Development Fund.

Member News
Pit bosses. Jon and Dan Shaw built an empire from rock and dirt. By Kathryn Buxton.
MaineDOT View
From point A to point B. The decision to pause the East-West Highway study. By David Bernhardt, P.E., MaineDOT Commissioner.


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