Maine Trails, December - January '12
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President's Message
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10 for 2011
What’s on their minds
Turnpike, MaineDOT outline
The $1 billion question
Acting up
Future thinking
The many lives of Don Raye
Guest Column
President’s Message
It’s about education.Scholarships, educating the public and the need for long-term transportation funding. By Randy Mace.
Cover Story
Future faces of transportation. MBTA’s 2011-12 scholarship winners are a promising group. Meet them. By Kathryn Buxton.
Maine News
10 for ’11.The Top 10 transportation stories for 2011. By Rick Ackermann.
What’s on their minds.Talking about transportation with Representatives Ann Peoples and Charles “Ken” Theriault. By Maria Fuentes.
Turnpike, MaineDOT outline 2012 capital plans.Agencies plan to spend $43 million and $228 million respectively.
The $1 billion question. Addressing the funding question at PACTS briefing.
Association News
Acting up. Maine conference highlights need for transportation activism.
Future thinking. UMaine President Ferguson on the need for education and innovation.
Member News
The many lives of Don Raye. The former MBTA president and Transportation Achievement winner takes it outdoors. By Kathryn Buxton.
Guest Column
MaineDOT ViewBalancing budget, priorities and customer service levels. By David Bernhardt, P.E., MaineDOT Commissioner.
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