Maine Trails, June - July '12
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President’s Message
Cover Story
Alphabet soup
Causeway for celebration
Turnpike to increase tolls
New Veterans Memorial Bridge opens
Making way
History lessons
Bridge power
Clean Harbors’ 4Rs
MaineDOT view

President’s Message
Work on the road ahead. Passing the bond and advocating for long-term solutions. By Doug Hermann.

Cover Story
Why we need a ‘war chest.’ The MBTA Infrastructure Development Fund. By Kathryn Buxton.
Maine News
Alphabet soup. PACTS picks up some new letters – TMA.
Causeway for celebration. The new Naples causeway opens for traffic.
Turnpike to increase tolls. Cites maintenance and rehabilitation needs.
New Veterans Bridge opens. Links Portland to South Portland and past to future.
Association News
History lessons. Outgoing and new presidents look at history, future of MBTA and transportation.
Bridge power. How to build an underwater platform using bridge technology.
Member News
Clean Harbors’ 4 Rs. Recovery, recycling, reuse and emergency response. By Greg Soucy.
MaineDOT View
MAP-21. What does it mean for Maine? By David Bernhardt, MaineDOT Commissioner


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