Maine Trails, February - March '14
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President's Message
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News from away
Transportation loses ground
What’s next?
Learning curve
75 and counting
Icy, cold and expensive
Warm send off

President’s Message

The ‘hole’ truth. It’s pothole season again. By Tom Gorrill
Cover Story
Pushing toward the tipping point. Architects of the MBTA’s Fix It Now! campaign want to shift public opinion in favor of increased transportation funding. By Kathryn Buxton
Maine News
Trail talks. MBTA’s Maria Fuentes talks with Senator Valentino and Representative Gillway.
News from away. What other states are dong to fix their roads.
Transportation loses ground. Measures of Growth report shows decline in miles improved.
Association News
What’s next? At the Legislative Breakfast & Briefing.
75 and counting: MBTA begins its 75th year.
Member News
Learning curve. At E.J. Prescott’s “University of Prescott,” students get an education and a career. By Kathryn Buxton
Warm send off. ETTI throws a big party for “The Hub.”
MaineDOT View
Icy, cold and expensive. MaineDOT counts the days and dollars of winter. By Dale F. Doughty and Brian Burne


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