Maine Trails, October - November '14
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Turner Center Bridge
Maine high marks
Looking for innovation
Fix It Now! profile
Fall PDH Tour
When the going got tough
President's Message
Power lunch. MBTA honors five leaders in the field. By Jim Hanley.
Cover Story
Five who paved the way. MBTA honors five transportation leaders, including U.S. Senator Susan Collins. 

Maine News
Turner Center Bridge. The design-build project nears completion. By Thomas Densford, P.E.

Maine ranks high. Hartgen reports give state high rating for efficiency.
Association News
Looking for innovation. Interview with renowned bridge designer Ted Zoli. By Kathryn Buxton.
Fix It Now! Assessing Kennebec-Somerset counties’ transportation needs. By John Melrose.
Member News
When the going got tough. Founded during the recession, Schonewald Engineering has flourished. By Kathryn Buxton.
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