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Maine high marks

Maine took a first in New England and fourth in the nation overall for lowest administrative disbursements per mile, according to the Hartgen Annual Highway Report, released in September by the Reason Foundation.
The report also ranked Maine 16th in the country in overall highway performance and cost-effectiveness in 2012, a step up from 18th overall in 2011 and 29th in 2009. 
“When I took office, I tasked our commissioners to find efficiencies and to stretch the dollar,” said Governor Paul R. LePage. “Maine Department of Transportation Commissioner David Bernhardt and his team have worked tirelessly to improve the state’s infrastructure in the most fiscally sound way possible. These rankings show that the department is meeting our expectations for system improvement and innovative management.”
Currently Maine’s highway system is ranked as the 33rd largest nationwide. And Maine’s system is as big as the rest of New England’s combined.  MaineDOT is responsible for 8,500 miles of state highway; 2,700 state bridges; approximately 600 miles of rail; and the Maine State Ferry Service with seven ferryboats and seven ferry terminals.
 “These rankings reflect the hard work performed by everyone at MaineDOT to carry out our mission—to responsibly provide our customers the safest and most reliable transportation system possible, given available resources,” said Commissioner Bernhardt. “I am proud of the work done here, and I’m confident that ongoing efficiencies and cost savings measures will produce continued positive results on behalf of Maine’s taxpayers.” 


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