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For 2015 contest, entrants will receive a “Worst Road” bumper sticker. Grand prize winner will receive $296 prize.

April is the cruelest month, as the weather warms and potholes pop up on local roads and highways like crocuses in the garden. The Maine Better Transportation Association has launched begins its annual rite of spring, the “Worst Road in Maine Contest. The purpose of the contest is to get Maine drivers to consider the impact potholes, ruts and cracking pavement have on their every day life.  This year, everyone who completes an entry will receive a bright orange bumper sticker and the winner will receive the $296 grand prize – that is the amount Mainers pay in extra maintenance and repair costs due to bad roads, according to TRIP, a Washington, D.C.-based transportation research organization. The contest is currently underway and will continue until May 15, 2015 at midnight.


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