Falling Behind: The condition and funding of Maine's roads, highways and bridges

Maine will need an additional $3.3 billion in road and bridge funding over the next 10 years to improve mobility, enhance traffic safety and enhance economic development opportunities. Read about that and other findings in "Falling Behind: The condition and funding of Maine's roads, highways and bridges," an October 2009 report by The Road Information Program (TRIP). 

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Can We Coast Much Longer?

Download ReportThe Case for Transportation Finance Reform
March 2009.

With outdated funding mechanisms that have not kept pace with inflation and accelerated construction costs, Maine is falling behind on the critical maintenance of its aging highways and bridges. This report explores the increasing social and economic costs of the failure to adequately maintain and modernize our highways; Mainers’ attitudes about transportation funding, the economy and safety; how we can address the funding shortfall now and in the future.

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Losing Ground

Download ReportA report on the state of Maine's Highway Fund
July 2005.

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 List of deficient bridges


MDOT Six-Year Plan Maps (includes miles of unbuilt roads)

Division 1 map
Division 2 map
Division 3 map
Division 4 map
Division 5 map
Division 6 map
Division 7 map